A Message from the Committee

Raising the Curtain on a Jewel of the Community

The Newhall Auditorium is much more than just a building.NewhallAuditorium_Exterior-9This is one of those special places that hold added meaning for a community. It’s an integral part of the local fabric and a physical reminder of our shared history, our sense of community, the creativity of those who live here and the importance we all place upon providing a positive learning environment for our children.

After its debut in 1941, the Art Deco auditorium enjoyed a decades-long heyday as not only a venue for education and children’s performances, but also as a community gathering place. However, in the 1970s, its role shifted — partly due to the economic necessities of the time — and it has served mostly as a warehouse since 1975.

We are, thankfully, poised to witness the beginning of a new era for the Newhall Auditorium, a revitalization that has been years in the making and will be part of Newhall Elementary School’s transition to become an Arts Integration School of Choice in 2016.

Funded by the voter-approved Measure E, the $4 million modernization and renovation of the auditorium, now dubbed the Newhall Family Theater for the Performing Arts, is beginning in spring 2015. And when the curtain is raised on the new incarnation of the Newhall Auditorium, it will reassume its rightful place as a jewel of the community.

We’re asking you to help us finish the task of making the Newhall Family Theater a true state-of-the-art performance venue. Our committee seeks to raise the remaining $600,000 — not funded by Measure E — that is needed to ensure that the auditorium will reopen with the highest-quality lights and sound system, creating a professional-quality venue for all the community to enjoy.

Your support will mean a great deal, not only in revitalizing an important part of our history, but also in paving the way for our community’s children to learn, grow, thrive and prosper in an environment where the arts are not only welcomed, but also nurtured as a key component of a vibrant community.

Thank you for your support, and for recognizing that the Newhall Auditorium isn’t just a building. It’s a vital part of our past — and our future, too.


Christy Smith
Suzan Solomon
Restoration Committee
The Newhall Family Theater for the Performing Arts

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